How can The Club Doctor help your golf game?
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As a young professional woman playing golf adds value, not just personally, but in the development of my career as well. 
Within the first few minutes of my session with The Club Doctor I discovered the necessity of clubs fit to me and the difference
that they make in my swing.

I had a blast while Christon analyzed my swing, form and how I connected with the ball. I have much room for improvement
but look forward to getting out and practicing once I am armed with properly fitted tools from The Club Doctor!

Brianne from Kokomo

Before visiting The Club Doctor my bag was full of Cleveland wedges that simply were not working.  Now I have two Eidolon wedges that are getting the job done, in addition to an SMT Encore driver that is really getting the ball out there.

George from Angola

I’m pleased with the clubs The Club Doctor built for me.  My score has improved 4 shots a round.  The value of the SmartSwing session alone was worth the trip up from Decatur.

Phil from Decatur

After 68 years on Earth I had lost just a little distance but with a lighter weight Fujikura shaft that is the proper flex for my swing I have regained some of that lost distance.  I had The Club Doctor start on my backup set of clubs as a test, after passing the test I had Christon build me a new set of clubs that are now my primary clubs.  He even reshafted my old primary set, so he has a hand in all three sets I own.

Rich from Merrillville

I had never heard of counter-balancing before meeting The Club Doctor, but I knew my putting needed help.  After a quick 15 minute experiment we found the proper head weight (my putter head was too light and I did not have any feel) and counter-balance weight that has significantly improved my putting.

Rolland from Angola

How do you develop a consistent golf swing with inconsistent equipment?

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