12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game©

Excerpts from The Search for the Perfect Golf Club by Tom Wishon with Tom Grundner

Myth 1 - Modern golf clubs hit farther than clubs of even a few years ago.
Myth 2 - The longer my driver is, the farther I'll be able to hit the ball.
Myth 3 - The lower the loft of my driver, the farther I will hit the ball.
Myth 4 - The bigger the head, the better.
Myth 5 - I know I play a stiff shaft; it says so right on it.
Myth 6 - The newer clubs have a larger "sweet spot."
Myth 7 - Women's clubs are designed for women.
Myth 8 - I'll just cut down a set for my kid; that's good enough.
Myth 9 - My club is just like the one Tiger uses.
Myth 10 - Any club that's not a "brand name" is junk.
Myth 11 - I was "custom fitted" at the driving range (or retail store or pro shop).
Myth 12 - Custom fit golf clubs are only for really good golfers.

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12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game

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